Steel Scraps are junk recycled from various machine parts or destroyed machines, to be further recycled into Steel Ingots in Blast Furnace or Pulse Jet Furnace.

Scraps can also be found in treasure chests in dungeons and abandoned mineshafts.


In Blast Furnace 9 steel scraps are smelted into 1 steel ingot.



Various machine parts like gears, shafts, panels, etc. can be recycled into scraps.

Number of scraps per machine part
Steel Gear 15
Steel 2:1 Gearbox 48
Steel 4:1 Gearbox 114
Steel 8:1 Gearbox 180
Steel 16:1 Gearbox 244
Shaft (item) 9
Base Panel 9
Mount 45

From destroyed machines

Some machines, that have risk of violent failure (some engines, shafts, etc.) drop random number of scraps after exploding.

From Chests

Scraps have chance of appearing in dungeons, abandoned mineshafts, and chests in generated structures.