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a Solar Mirror


Solar Mirrors are part of the Solar Tower multi-block structure. They require a clear view of the sky and when placed correctly will rotate into position facing the sun. To work properly they must be connected to a Solar Tower either directly or by connecting through other Solar Mirrors. If anything heavy falls on them such as a player or slime they will visibly break and no longer contribute to the Solar Tower. They can be repaired by right clicking a Mirror (Ingredient used to initially craft) on the broken base. They will light anything on fire that comes near or anywhere in between them and their view of the Solar Tower. They do not have to be connected to the lowest Solar Tower block but can be placed one block above the bottom allowing for water to be pumped below them into the bottom block of the tower.

There are caps to solar power. You can only have 99 mirrors or the solar tower turns into lava. The second is that you can only have 16k nm overall. This is proven by the code and by testing 4096 mirrors (with damage off). At 512 rad/s this produces 8 megawatts overall.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"Mirrors are crucial for the solar power plant to function. More mirrors means more power. Note that they require a clear view of the sky, and work at reduced efficiency if the sun is not at full brightness. Additionally, mirrors can break if heavy objects like players or slimes land on them."