The Rotational Dynamo is used to convert Rotarycraft power (W) to Redstone Flux, used in Thermal Expansion and several other mods.

Rotarycraft Handbook Description

"The rotational dynamo converts RotaryCraft power into ThermalExpansion redstone flux. Due to the limitations imposed by the internal magnetic fields, it can take a maximum of 1024 Nm of torque (2048 if upgraded) at a maximum of 8192 rad/s. Any excess, while not dangerous, will be wasted."


Power 5,628W min
Orientation and Output Like ThermalExpansion Dynamos
Power Input


NOTE: Even though a rotational dynamo will accept less than 5,628W, this creates less than 1 RF, which cannot be used in the RF system and is turned into 0 RF.


Angular Transducer Output

  • RF/t

Screwdriver Usage

Right Click Rotate
Shift + Right Click

Tips & Tricks

  • The maximum input to a rotational dynamo is capped at 1024 Nm 8192 rad/s.  This equates to roughly 8.4 MW of Rotarycraft power, and converts to 16131 RF where 1 RF/t = 520W.  Any torque or speed above these limits is lost.  This means a CVT or gearboxes are needed for either very high torque (such as hydrokinetic engines) or very high speed (such as micro/jet turbine) engines to prevent a significant amount of power loss.
  • Upgrading the unit with a Flux Amplitude Upgrade will double the maximum allowable torque (to 2048), and will push RF output to 32263 RF/t. The maximum input speed of 8192 rad/s remains the same.