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Welcome to the RotaryCraft Wiki[]

This is a community wiki made for the Minecraft mod "RotaryCraft" by Reika. Any and all information on this wiki is taken from the original creator of the mod or added by community members in order to assist new players to the mod learn how to use the added blocks. If you are capable of adding any information to the pages of this wiki, please feel free to do so at any time you wish.

RotaryCraft is a mod created to make Minecraft a bit more interesting. It adds engines, gears, shafts, coils, and many other power generation and transmission blocks all to power the over 90+ machines and gizmo's included. The core philosophy of RotaryCraft is its intent to be as realistic as possible, this realism provides the mod with its difficulty, which is not built around tedium or resource sinks, but rather around a learning curve which will have you using your junior high mathematic skills to their full potential. RotaryCraft provides power compatibility through specialized inter-mod engines with BuildCraft, Thermal Expansion, Railcraft and Universal Electricity

The mod can be located at the following URL: Official Forum Post


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The Basics[]

Basic Terms Relevant Physics             
Material Properties Load Limits
Basics of Power Transfer Machines by Tier
Ambient Temperature Mod power conversion

Tutorials and Spotlights[]


Engine Torque Speed Power Power Source Requires Consumables Risks
DC Electric Engine 4 Nm 256 rad/s 1.024 kW Redstone Signal No None
Wind Turbine 8 Nm 1024 rad/s 8.192 kW Wind No Spinning Blades
Steam Engine 32 Nm 512 rad/s 16.384 kW External Heat Source Water Overheats at 150C
Gasoline Engine 128 Nm 512 rad/s 65.535 kW Internal Combustion Ethanol Crystals None
AC Electric Engine 512 Nm 256 rad/s 131.072 kW Redstone Clock Signal Magnetized Shaft Core None
Performance Engine 256 Nm 1024 rad/s 262.144 kW Internal Combustion Ethanol Crystals, water cooling and additives (redstone or gunpowder or blaze powder) Overheats at 1000C
Hydrokinetic Engine 16384 Nm 32 rad/s 524.288 kW Falling Water Lubricant Spinning Paddles
Microturbine 16 Nm 131072 rad/s 2.097 MW Internal Combustion Jet Fuel None
Gas Turbine 1024 Nm 65536 rad/s 67.109 MW Internal Combustion Jet Fuel Ingestion; Possible violent failure if damaged

Power Transmission[]

Shaft                                  Gearbox
Bevel Gears Shaft Junction
Clutch Dynamometer
Flywheel Worm Gear
CVT Unit Industrial Coil
Multi-Directional Clutch Belt Hub
Shaft Power Bus Shaft Power Bus Controller
Chain Drive


Blast Furnace Worktable                   
Fermenter Fractionation Unit
Bedrock Breaker Boring Machine
Pump Obsidian Factory
Pneumatic Engine Steam Turbine
Rock Melter Electric Motor
Dew Point Aggregator Fuel Powered Engine
Magnetostatic Engine


Grinder                   Extractor
Pulse Jet Furnace Compactor
Steel Purifier Fuel Enhancer
Magnetizing Unit Air Compressor
Friction Boiler Electric Generator
Lava Smeltery Rotational Dynamo
Fluid Crystallizer Composter


Fan                         Auto Breeder
Bait Box Spawner Controller
Sprinkler Woodcutter
Mob Harvester Fertilizer
Ground Sprinkler

Auxiliary Machines[]

Pipes and Hoses Friction Heater        
Heater Item Vacuum
Engine Control Unit Coil Winder
Item Refresher CCTV Screen
Solar Mirror Cooling Fin
Sorting Machine Filling Station

Defensive and Offensive Weapons[]

Arrow Gun Heat Ray                          
TNT Cannon Sonic Weapon
Force Field RailGun
Freeze Gun Containment Field
Laser Gun Land Mine
Block Cannon Self Destruct Mechanism
EMP Machine Air Pressure Gun
Van De Graaff Generator

Surveying Tools[]

Ground Penetrating Radar Mob Radar                         
Cave Scanner CCTV
Aerial Camera


Fireworks Display     Music Box
Projector Silver Iodide Cannon
Display Screen Particle Display


Floodlight Pile Driver           
Aerosolizer Light Bridge
Reservoir Player Detector
Scaleable Chest Liquid Spiller
Smoke Detector Firestarter
Item Cannon Bucket Filler
Bright Lamp Terraformer
Block Ram Beam Mirror
Sonic Borer Pneumatic Item Pump
Fluid Compression Chamber


Wind Spring High-Strength Spring Ultrasound
Motion Tracker Vacuum Knockback Gun
Gravel Gun Fireball Launcher Handheld Crafting Tool
Night Vision Goggles Buckets Bedrock Tools
Bedrock Armor TNT Cannon Targeting Aid I/O Goggles
Cannon Key Ethanol Minecart Tile Selector
Jetpacks Steel Tools Steel Armor
Spring-Powered Pump Spring Boots

Resources and Items[]

Steel Ingot Alternative Shafts Alternative Gear Units
Alternative Gearboxes Netherrack Dust and Tar Sawdust
Bedrock Dust/Ingot Dust/Slurry/Solution Anthracite/Prismane/Lonsdaleite
Decorative Blocks Blast Glass Monster Spawners
Yeast Sludge Ethanol Crystals
Silver Ingot Salt Ammonium Nitrate
Silver Iodide Aluminum Powder Railgun Ammunition
Projector Slides Explosive Shells Borer Shield Block
Compost Liquid Nitrogen Flux Amplitude Upgrade