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Pulse Jet Furnace

The Pulse Jet Furnace furnace will melt unwanted tools and scrap to ingots. It uses Jet fuel that can be produced by the Fractionation Unit .

If not supplied with water it will eventually overheat and be destroyed.

Care should be taken when placing this machine as during operation it will light flammable blocks around it on fire.

You can increase its operation speed dramatically by piping in Oxygen gas, which can be obtained from processing water in the electrolyzer.

In order to smelt iron into steel the furnace must be kept above 900C and below 1000C. Above 1000C it will explode, and below 900C it will not smelt iron into steel.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The pulse jet is a powerful furnace. While it will not smelt ordinary recipes, it will melt obsidian into glass that is immune to TNT, melt scrap metal and tools back into ingots and make steel more efficiently than a standard furnace. It will get VERY hot, and will ignite nearby flammable materials - keeping cooled with water is a necessity. While there is no minimum power requirement, the jet consumes jet fuel to operate, and a rather large amount of it. This machine receives power from below."


Required Power 131072 W
Required Speed

131072 rad/s

Power Input Bottom
Max Temperature 1000C


You can try running the Pulse Jet Furnace above 900C by disconnecting the water intake and putting two Cooling Fins on the sides. This should keep the temperature stable at around 961-963C.