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A Projector

Projector: is a cosmetic object in Rotarycraft. Its purpose is to use Slides to project an image onto a screen.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The projector outputs an image from a slide against a wall.  Note that the wall must be 7 blocks wide and 5 blocks tall, and must be opaque and unobstructed."


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A Projector (powered by a DC Electric Motor) showing Slide 17

Required Power

512 W

Power Input



The setup of a projector must be somewhat precise, as the screen must be at least 7 wide, 5 tall, and positioned on the same level as the projector. The material of the screen does not matter, so long as it is opaque (for example, glass would not work). A valid setup of a projector is shown below. Also, this machine is incredibly easy to power - the requirement is so low, a simple DC Electric Engine can be used to power 2. Projectors have 24 slots for Slides to be placed, and a redstone pulse can be used to circulate the items inside them and progress through their images.

There are 24 ima
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ge files present in RotaryCraft; each has a corresponding slide in game. The image files can be switched out with a resource pack or by editing the files inside the RotaryCraft zip file. High-resolution images are supported, as can be seen in the image.

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Putting a watch in the projector will cause it to render a clock displaying the time of day (in game).