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The Obsidian Factory is a way to produce large amounts of obsidian without the need to spend a long time mining with a pick. As the machine still requires 1 bucket of lava per obsidian, it is most useful when there is an established lava pumping and storage system.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The obsidian factory will mix piped-in water and lava to produce obsidian. Be careful; if the machine is left full of only lava too long, it will start to overheat and will eventually melt."

Power RequirementsEdit

Required Power 32.768 kW
Required Speed 2048 rad/s
Max Temperature


Liquid Capacity

300000 m^3

Power Input

Any horizontal side

Duration of Operation FormulaEdit

Time = 800 - 60 × log₂ (speed + 1)

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Unless a lot of obsidian is needed (such as for a structure out of obsidian or blast glass), this machine is most likely not required to be powered constantly. Using an Industrial Coil (and maybe a Gearbox) is a good power solution for it.
  • Water and lava are pumped in sideways, opposite each other.