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Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The multi-clutch allows you to redirect power according to a redstone signal. Simply choose an output side for each signal strength from 0 to 15.

The redstone signal needs to be applied by a vanilla repeater or comparator, directly facing in to the clutch. Other solutions need more testing.

By placing it on one face of another block while holding shift, the input is selected.

For example: you want to have the input on the bottom side you shift rightclick on the floor.

The input is also selected when shift rightclicking with a screwdriver on one of its sides. 


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Angular Transducer OutputEdit

Screwdriver UsageEdit

Right Click
Shift + Right Click

select output

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • Due to requiring signal strength, some mods with blocks that carry redstone signals do not output correctly to this block. In this case, connection the mod's redstone block to an actual single block of redstone next to the multi-directional clutch solves the problem. Be sure to check output level (usually 14).