Material Properties
RotaryCraft materials can and will fail violently if too much power, torque, or speed is applied, sometimes with a noise and the return of some crafting materials and other times with a massive crater and a landscape littered with blocks.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"Different materials have different strengths, which controls when the shafts and flywheels made of them fail. Flywheels fail based on density and tensile strength (TS), while shafts can fail from tensile or shear overload (SS).

Wood: 800 kg/m3; TS: 20 MPa; SS: 11.6 MPa

Stone: 3000 kg/m3; TS: 100 MPa; SS: 40 MPa

Iron: 7800 kg/m3; TS: 200 MPa; SS: 116 MPa

Steel: 7800 kg/m3; TS: 400 MPa; SS: 232 MPa

Gold: 19300 kg/m3; TS: 108 MPa; SS: 62.6 MPa

Diamond: 3500 kg/m3; TS: 705 MPa; SS: 2.9 GPa"