Liquid lubricant

Reservoir containing lubricant

Lubricant is a liquid produced from canola seeds used to lubricate machines. Some machines, like gearbox, receive damage when not lubricated, while others, like hydrokinetic engine won't work without it at all. Grinding canola seeds gives varying amount of oil, that can be transported using lubricant hoses into machines or stored in reservoirs for later use. Lubricant can be put into bucket directly by right-clicking reservoir or using grinder's GUI.


Machine Lubricant usage
Gearbox (Stone and Steel)* Required and consumed over time
Gearbox (Diamond)* Required, but not consumed
Gearbox (Bedrock) Not required
CVT Unit Required, but not consumed
Hydrokinetic Engine Required and consumed over time
Reservoir Storage
Lubricant Hose Transport
Shaft Power Bus Controller Required and consumed over time
High-Ratio Gear Required and consumed over time

* Can work without Lubricant, but receives damage over time.


Produced from canola seeds in the grinder, and from canola seed husks in the centrifuge.

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