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Shafts and Flywheels will break or suffer catastrophic failure upon reaching a certain load of either torque or speed. Shafts are limited by both torque and speed and when exceeding either of these limits the shaft will break with a non-destructive explosion leaving behind the mount, to repair the Shaft right click on the it with a rod of the appropriate material. Flywheels are limited only by rad/s and exceeding these limits will result in a large explosion destroying the flywheel and leaving a large crater in its place.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit


"These are the load limits for the shafts. Exceeding these will result in breakage.

Wood: 278Nm at 3577 rad/s

Stone: 958Nm at 11561 rad/s

Steel: 5560Nm at 55207 rad/s

Diamond: 69508Nm at 955339 rad/s

Bedrock: Infinity"


"These are the failure speeds for the flywheels. Exceeding these will result in violent failure.

Wood: 2981 rad/s

Stone: 3265 rad/s

Iron: 6584 rad/s

Gold: 1410 rad/s"

Tips & TricksEdit

  • The gold flywheel may seem less powerful than the iron flywheel, however, the iron flywheel limits torque to 512 Nm while the gold flywheel limits torque to 4096 Nm allowing the gold flywheel to transmit 5.775 MW while the iron can only transfer 3.371 MW.
  • The limits for the shafts and flywheels are inclusive, meaning that they will fail at 1 over their limit, not at their limit.