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Lava Smeltery is a furnace that uses lava as a source of heat. It is built for mass smelting.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The lava smeltery can smelt up to 18 items at a time. However, to do this, its tanks must be full of lava, and it must be at least 400 degrees. It also requires shaft power."


Power 2048 W
Power Input Bottom


As long as minimum power requirements are satisfied, input speeds/torque do not seem to affect the speed of smelting. The only thing that affects the speed is temperature.

Lava is used for heating up the smeltery and is consumed from the moment it is added, regardless of whether items are input in the smeltery. To run the smeltery efficiently, all 18 input slots should be filled up since all slots will run at the same time with no extra cost. Starting with the full tank of lava (16000 mB), needed to heat the tempererature over 400 degrees, the smeltery is able to smelt 18x2 full stacks of items before needing more lava. Items can be pumped in from the top and out from the side using pneumatic item pump or other mod pipes.

Smelting less than 36 stacks of items will waste lava as there is no way to stop the smelting process unless the lava runs out, but will still process the items at speed much higher than regular furnaces.

Angular Transducer OutputEdit

  • Power and speed received
  • Temperature

Tips & TricksEdit