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The heater is used to heat up machines. If provided with resources and power, it will try to keep the machine at a desired temperature.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"Tired of blowing up your compactors and other machines by overheating them? The heater will heat itself to a temperature that you specify, and when placed below a machine, will warm it to a temperature near its own.  The heater will consume any fuel that the standard furnace can, with stronger fuels providing more heat, up to 800C from one lava bucket."


The heater consumes items - hottest first - until its temperature exceeds the specified temperature, then sits idle until its temperature drops below more than 50% of the new fuel item's heat value. If you require a more or less constant level of temperature, it is better to use lesser-value fuel items, which will be consumed much faster but keep the temperature steady.

"High-heat items" such as lava, provide large amounts of heat; "Low-Heat items" (wood, saplings, et cetera) provide small amounts.

Lava will heat the furnace up instantly but will not provide constant heat level. Maximum possible temperature should be used with lava to provide for a longer period of time above desired temperature cutoff.

Power RequirementsEdit


8192 W

Max attainable temperature

2000 C

Power input


Duration of Operation FormulaEdit

Time = 200 - 10 × log₂ (speed + 1)

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Choice between using friction heater or regular heater will mostly depend on the type of fuel on hand. Heater can be heated with coal or lava, both available early in game. If ethanol or jet fuel are already available, more powerful RC engines can be used to supply the speed/torque needed for high temperatures with a friction heater instead.
  • A single lava bucket in a heater can heat up blast furnace from -20 C up to 1100 C for steel smelting, so 800 C limit with lava may have been changed at some point