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Friction Heater connected to Furnace and Blast Furnace

The Friction Heater is used to heat furnaces in order to smelt items in them. As they can be powered by a steam engine, this is a great way to do a lot of smelting early on in the game without having to depend on coal for fuel. They can also be used to heat blast furnaces.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

The friction heater is a tool to warm up a standard furnace without fuel. Higher torques and speeds mean higher temperatures, but beware: spend too long at high temperatures and you can melt the furnace entirely. Also of note is that high temperatures can speed up the furnace operation.

Power SpecificationsEdit

Required Power

8192 W

Required Torque

32 Nm

Power Input


Final Temperature Formula Edit

12 × log₂ (torque) × log₂ (speed) + 30

Round down to nearest multiple of 4 + 2 modulo

Angular Transducer OutputEdit

  • Power Source
  • Temperature
  • Received power

Screwdriver UsageEdit

Right Click

Changes sides.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • In order to heat Blast Furnace hot enough (1000 Celsius) to turn bedrock dust and HSLA steel into bedrock ingot you're required to supply it with 4096 rad/s speed and 128 Nm torque or 520 rad/s and 520Nm of torque.
  • Keeping Torque and rad/s close to equal will give the highest temp per W of power.
  • The friction heater will melt a vanilla furnace at 2000 degrees Celsius.
  • The final temperature the heater will reach can be calculated as 12 × log₂ (torque) × log₂ (speed) above ambient temperature (1.6 v23b). The ambient temperature is the temperature the friction heater is at before applying power, which is about 20 degrees Celsius in the Overworld, 300 degrees Celsius in the Nether and -100 degrees Celsius in the End, making the heater significantly cheaper to run in the Nether. As of 1.7.10, when the heater is running it always considers the ambient temperature to be 30 degrees Celsius regardless of environment to prevent exploitation of the Nether's higher temperature, so the final temperature the heater can reach is simply 12 × log₂ (torque) × log₂ (speed) + 30.
  • Upper-tier machines will require Tungsten ingots, which can only be created in a vanilla furnace being heated by a friction heater at 1350 degrees. In the Overworld, the easiest way to achieve this temperature would be a Microturbine with 64:1 in torque gearing (a 16x and a 4x Gearbox). (Current as of v3d)
  • The absolute maximum temperature is about 11500 degrees.