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A Fractionation Unit


Fractionation Units are used to produce jet fuel from a variety of materials, including coal, magma cream, Netherrack dust, tar sand, blaze powder, ethanol crystals, and a ghast tear.  Although it may seem expensive, jet fuel is incredibly powerful, and the ingredients can last for multiple processes.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The fractionator distills various items and refines them into jet fuel for use in some of the engines and machines.  Jet fuel requires tar, netharrack dust, coal, blaze powder, ethanol, and magma cream.  Additionally, ghast tears are used as a solvent, but are not consumed like the other items.  Fuel lines connect only to the top of this machine."


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A Fractionation Unit being powered by a Performance engine, using a 8:1 gearbox to get the required speed.

In pre-jet fuel engines, it is hard to obtain the required 8192 rad/s without using a gearbox.  One method is to do as shown in the picture: Use a performance engine , which gives 512 rad/s, and then use a 16:1 gearbox (set to speed setting) to boost the speed to 16x, or 8192 rad/s. You can also have an 8:1 gearbox as long as you add some additives to the engine itself which will boost it's speed to 1024 rad/s.

Creating jetfuel may seem labor intensive, but the ingredients are not used up every process; every item has a fairly high chance of not being consumed per action. The required ghast tear will never be consumed.

Each process yields 1000mB of jet fuel, or 1 bucket of jet fuel.
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The GUI of a Fractionation Unit.

Power SpecificationsEdit

Required Power

65536 W

Required Speed

8192 rad/s

Power Input


Duration of Operation FormulaEdit

Time = 800 - 40 × log₂ (speed + 1)