Fully grown canola crops in a plantation

Canola Seeds is a main source of lubricant used in various machines. They can be found, like wheat seeds, by destroying tall grass or by harvesting canola. A fully grown canola plant drops 2-14 seeds. Seeds can be placed in farmland by right-clicking, where they will grow. Bone meal can be used to increase growth stage immediately. Canola will grow faster if the farmland they are planted in is hydrated.


By destroying tall grass or harvesting canola.

They can be found, as well, in dugeons.


Can be used in grinder to produce lubricant. This produces canola seed husks as leftover.

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • If you have RailCraft installed, bare in mind that RailCraft creates invisible blocks as you walk around used by the Trackmans Goggles to track other players movements. These invisible blocks makes it impossible to plant canola seeds where you have recently walked. If you don't use the player tracking functionality of RailCraft you should disable the creation of these tracking blocks in the RailCraft configuration files.