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The Boring Machine is used to dig out 5x7 tunnels horizontally, if provided with power from the back it will start digging and building a scaffold in the hole. It will dump the drops into adjacent chests if they exist, but will otherwise drop them on top of the machine.

The Boring Machine will dig out up to 3 million blocks, or until it hits a material that it can't mine with the provided torque. It chunkloads the boring head as it progresses. The boring machine cannot mine bedrock, no matter the power. It will ignore any liquides it encounters.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The boring machine is rather intresting. It will dig tunnels in the direction it is facing for as long as you like. With the GUI, you can control the tunnel shape, and, if the cobblestone and dirt spewing out of the machine bothers you, disable the item drops. Harder materials require more power and torque to dig - 64W per hardness points of the blocks in front of it, and up to 512 Nm of torque per block to cut through the harder materials. The borer will ensure that the tunnel roof does not collapse by replacing sand and gravel. Rumor has it that certain underground mazes found in a mythical forest are easily conquered with this machine, though the hard stone makes for high torque requirement."


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The interface

In the interface, at least one tile must be selected for the machine to begin digging.

Pressing in a button from the grid marks it to be mined in a straight line from the scaffold that will be created; the button marked with an "X" corresponds to the line in front of the machine itself.

Screwdriver UsageEdit

Right Click Turns the machine

Duration of Operation FormulaEdit

Time = 720 - 40 × log₂ (speed + 1)

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Note the 512 torque requirement is PER BLOCK; therefore if a 5x7 area is selected, the required torque could be as high as 17920.  Mod blocks may be even harder (2048 Nm per block or higher)
  • The borer can cut through the naga stone surrounding Twilight Forest labyrinths if it is given as much torque and power per block as would be required by a bedrock breaker; this allows for pentration of the maze (whose stone, while hard, is not nearly as difficult to break).
  • The borer ignores "invincibility" properties of many blocks, but may require additional torque to mine them.
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