Basic Terms

This information is also available ingame through the Handbook.

Power (Watts)Edit

Power is the ability of an object to do an action.

In this mod, power is referred to as mechanical energy, whereas other mods mostly refer to it in an electrical energy (Energy Units (EU) in IC2 and Minecraft Joules (MJ) in BC).  Power is measured in watts, which is equal to 1 Joule per second. Other denotations of this unit may be the kilowatt (kW) which is 1,000 watts, and the megawatt (MW) which is 1,000,000 watts.

Force (Torque - Newton-Meters)Edit

Force is a push or a pull that results when objects interact.

Force is used when referring to torque, which is rotational force. Torque is measured in Newton-Meters (Nm), which is equal to Force x Distance, or more accurately, 1 Nm = 1 Newton * 1 Meter.

Angular Speed (Radians per Second)Edit

Angular Speed (referred to as Speed in the mod), is measured in Radians per second (rad/s). More commonly known as revolutions per minute (rpm), angular speed is how fast something is rotating around an axis.  A handy, but for using RotaryCraft useless, conversion is 1 rad/s = 9.55 rpm.


Radians are a unit of angle, equal to 180/pi (57.3) degrees; there are about 6.28 radians in a full circle.