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The Bait Box is used to attract mobs to it, or to repel mobs from it. It uses a bait or repellant appropriate to the mob type to do so. These items will not be consumed. It has a maximum range of 128 blocks.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The bait box will attract or repel mobs of all kinds, provided it contains the appropriate items to do so. For example, Endermen are attracted by grass blocks and the opportunity to take them, but are repelled by the faces of soul sand staring back at them. These items are not consumed."


Power 32768 W
Power Input Any side

Bait/repellant requirementsEdit

Mob type Bait Repellant
Cow Wheat Sticks
Pig Carrot Sticks
Sheep Wheat Sticks
Chicken Seeds Sticks
Villager Emerald Cactus
Iron Golem Red wool Lava bucket
Squid Gold ingot Lily pad
Ocelot Raw fish Sticks
Wolf Raw porkchop Gravel
Snow Golem Carrot Torch
Creeper TNT Obsidian
Zombie Golden Apple Potion Of Healing
Skeleton Saddle Glowstone
Spider Cocoa beans Fence
Witch Netherwart Ender pearl
Enderman Grass(block) Soul sand
Slime Diamond Ice
Silverfish Stone bricks Wooden pickaxe
Zombie pigman Apple Blaze rod
Magma cube Blaze powder Snowball
Blaze Fire charge Water bucket
Ghast Glowstone dust Bow


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Angular Transducer OutputEdit

  • Power received from
  • Range and maximum range
  • Input power and speed

Screwdriver UsageEdit

Right Click Show power input sides
Shift + Right Click Show power input sides

Range formulaEdit

Range(in blocks) = 8+(Power-32768)/4096

Tips & TricksEdit

  • It requires 524288 W of power in order to reach the maximum range of 128 blocks. A Hydrokinetic Engine provides exactly this amount of power.
  • It is advisable to use this with a Mob Harvester to kill the mobs or an Auto Breeder to breed the mobs.