Arrow Gun is an automatic stationary projectile weapon. Depending on torque and speed input it fires arrows at different rate, speed and range. Arrows must be provided for this gun to work. Machine can be enchanted  with Power and Infinity enchants to increase effectiveness.

RotaryCraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The arrow gun is the evolution of the dispenser. Given power, it will detect when a mob is in front of it, and will fire upon it. Faster input speeds equate to greater rates of fire, while higher torques cause the arrow to fly faster, farther and deal more damage."

Power SpecificationsEdit

Required Power 1024 W
Power Input back


  • Launch Velocity = 20 log2(torque) m/s
  • Rate of Fire = 0.8 - log2(speed)/20 seconds per shot, up to 5 shots per second
  • Range = 10 + 2 log2(torque) m